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Traditional Indonesian salad

Lotek is a traditional Indonesian salad; it is combination of raw and lightly cooked vegetables, served with peanut sauce. Formerly, lotek sauce was generally made to order, sometimes in front of the customers to suit their personal preference for the amount of chili pepper included. Gado-gado sauce is also available in dried form, which simply needs to be rehydrated by adding hot water. 

The traditional method of making lotek is to use the cobek (pestle) and ulekan or flat rounded stone. The dry ingredients are ground first, and then the tamarind liquor is added to achieve the desired consistency. Lotek is commonly served mixed with chopped lontong or ketupat (glutinous rice cake), or with steamed rice served separately. It is nearly always served with kerupuk (crackers), e.g. tapioca crackers or emping, Indonesian style fried crackers, which are made from melinjo. A common garnish is finely-chopped fried shallot.