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Jaipong Dance

A Traditional Performance of Sundanese Art

Jaipong was created by Gugum Gumbira, a dance maestro who lives in the Bojongloa street, Bandung. He led Jugala Group and has created dances so well-known and spread throughout Indonesia mainly during the 80’s .

The Jaipong dance was created in the 60s to add to their repertoire of dances in West Java. It was inspired by the traditional dances that have been around since 1916, such as ketuktilu, kliningan and ronggeng, favorite dances of people of West Java. Gugum combined these into tari Jaipong by giving touches of dynamics, loudness and slight eroticism.
In fact, Jaipong is not only influenced by ketuk tilu, Kliningan and Ronggeng, but also by pencak, silat that enriches the Jaipong moves. This lends to the more dynamic nature of the dance . Doubtless, the song that accompany the dances have also become popular. The tapes of these songs have sold over one million copies in Indonesia. “ Daunpulus keserbojong “ in particular became the anthem for Jaipongan dancer .

The dancers have likewise become very popular and have become celebrities. They like Tati Saleh, Yeti Mamat, Eli Somali, and Pepen, have danced in many venues and various occasions.The regular appearance of Gugum Gumbira on a television contributed to the “boom” of this dance throughout the archipelago. However, this dance faces certain controversy . The erotic gestures are often skewed by a number of people. This becomes even more so since the dance is performed exclusively by female dancers in a graceful and seductive manner. However, its popularity is undeniable. This dance continues to evolve over time. A number of new dances such as toka toka, kawung Anten, sonteng prolong the existence of Jaipongan throughout the country.

New dancers emerge and perform internationally, such as Yuyum Yumiati Mandiri, Mira Tejaningrum and Mimin Mintarsih . They replaced the senior dancers in terms of popularity. Creativity in Jaipong dance continues to grow . Starting with a very traditional touch and Sundanese gamelan accompaniment by dangdut music . This was born the genre Pong Dut ( Jaipong Dangdut ) initiated by Nur and Leni. Jaipong dance is very easy for you to learn. In a show, lets join with the dancers and start dancing Jaipong together.