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Mr. Widyatama, a third-generation owner of the Aroma Coffee Factory.

"AROMA" Coffee Factory

The highly-flavored aroma of coffee will greet us as we approach a small-old door at a corner of Jalan Banceuy. This is an age-old area that has long been present in the midst of the dynamic growth of the city of Bandung.

The “Aroma” coffee factory, established in 1930 in the Dutch East Indies era, is almost indistinguishable as it is located on a street side covered by parked vehicles and flanked on its left and right by automotive shops. For those whose main purpose is to discover and enjoy the original-organic coffee, extra attention must be paid so as not to miss this petite culinary establishment.

Around lunch time, there will be people queuing up to buy the coffee. They will only be allowed to buy a maximum of five kilograms of coffee. Purchase is limited, so that more people can enjoy the freshly roasted Aroma coffee. The interior of the factory is no larger than a five-star hotel ballroom. It is understandably warm and fragrant there, as a large wood stove is operated with burning firewood, indicating ongoing coffee production. 

Coffee can be stored to up to eight years prior to processing into grounded Arabica or Robusta. This is among the secrets of why the Aroma coffee will not stimulate gastric acid secretion to those who enjoy it.

Varieties of coffee come here from all producing lands in the country, such as from Java, Sulawesi, or East Nusa Tenggara. What makes it so distinguished is that all supplying farmers and producers have been in business with the factory since their first generation of trade. It is therefore safe to say that currently the third-generation of the Aroma coffee factory is in collaboration with the fourth-generation of coffee farmers. Such a long tradition of coffee business. Indeed, sipping a cup of Aroma coffee is not how to maximize the pleasure of it. There are stories and long tradition behind each cup of coffee worth to know and share while we enjoy it in a wonderful afternoon at the city.