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Thursday, 25 September 2014, the city of Bandung will commemorate its 204th anniversary. The capital city of West Java province, also nicknamed the Flower City, has quite a lot of history.The name of 'Bandung' is derived from the word 'bandung' (dam), referring to the clogging of the Citarum river by Mount Tangkubanparahu’s lava in the ancient time, which then formed a lake where the city is said to be built around.

The city of Bandung was transformed into a residential area during by the Dutch East Indies Governor-General Herman Willem Daendels. On 25 September 1810, he issued a decree on infrastructure development for the region. The date was immortalized as the anniversary of the city of Bandung.From the number of inhabitants, the city of Bandung is the third largest in the country after Jakarta and Surabaya. Despite its huge population, in 1990 the city was named as one of the safest cities in the world by Time magazine.

Bandung is also called Flower City, as in the past, the city was full of trees and flowers. Paris van Java is another nickname for the city thanks to its beauty. Currently Bandung is led by Ridwan Kamil, an urban planning expert, architect and architecture lecturer at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). His deputy is Oded M Danial, a religious figure. Under their leadership, expectations are high to restore the city back to its prime, backed with a campaign of “Bandung Juara” (Bandung, the champion). 

The celebration of the anniversary of Bandung has already been felt since the month of August. The trees located along the city’s main streets are draped in green, yellow and blue from the city’s flag. Each color has its respective meaning. On top, the color of green represents prosperity and pleasantness. Yellow represents richness and nobility. While at the bottom, blue represents loyalty. The colors will be seen throughout the city until the end of September.

Happy Birthday, Bandung!